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Do you know lately there are a lot of cases where people travelled to another country and they are arrested due to carrying illegal stuffs like drugs?
Do you know lately there are a few bombing cases happened to some other airlines in the world?

Well, it is our responsibility to make sure we make this place a better place to live and also to ensure it is always safe to travel by air.

I realised not many people out there are aware of some questions that might be asked upon check-in. You could also use these questions for yourself when packing and getting ready to travel by air.

Some of the questions that the airline personnel might ask:

a) Are these your bags and did you pack them yourself?
Reason: If you admit these bags are yours and declared that you pack them yourself indirectly it means that every single item in the bags are yours.

b) Have these bags been in your possesion since you packed them?
Reason: We should all be worried about our own bags. For example, if we go to the toilet, do we leave the bags outside? In some airports, someone might take this opportunity to put something in your bags without your knowledge!

c) Do you know the contents of your bags?
Reason: It is to caution you that if you had left your bag unattended earlier, there might be possibility you don’t even know some of the things in your bags by then.

d) Are you carrying anything for anyone else?
Reason: Hah!! Did you watch Bridget Jones Diary? Where she was caught at the security/immigration for carrying drugs? It wasn’t her fault as it was her girlfriend’s item but since it was in her possesion, it is considered as her item. I know we, asians are really nice people and at times volunteer to help others, but make sure you know what you are carrying!!

e) Is there any flammable or dangerous items in your bags such as lighter or matches?
Reason: You are allowed to carry these items but you could only carry one and this item must be on your body i.e. in your jeans/trousers pockets. These items fall into the Dangerous Goods Regulation. These items could cause spontaneous combustion without you realising it. If your hobby is to collect match boxes everytime you travel and stay in the hotels, you better stop doing it as for safety reason, these items are not allowed to be checked in or even in your hand luggage. It might start a fire in the your luggage!!

f) Do you have any liquid, aerosol or gel items in containers more than 100ml in your hand luggage?
Reason: Under the Liquid, Aerosol, Gel requirements for international travels, you are not allowed to bring it into the cabin if the container is more than 100ml. At the security check, the security officers will ask you to throw it away. You might have an expensive bottle of lotion or hair gel inside your hand luggage. And this would be a waste if you are asked to throw it way, right?

g) Do you have any sharp items such as knife-like objects, scissors and others in your hand luggage?
Reason: These items will be confiscated at the security check. What I personally experienced, they were curious about my usb thumbdrive which in some countries, they have not seen that before and they held me for about 20mnts to ask questions about it. If you have it in your hand luggage, please do check in to safe the hassle.

Some airlines would ask all these questions upon checking in. Some, would ask only a few.
Doesn’t matter which one, I believe we should all be more concern and aware of the safety and security of travelling by air. It is different from travelling by road. The latter has less restrictions.

Being 30,000 feet up there, we would want to arrive safe at the destination. We would also want to have a smooth journey from the checking in process, till the security checks, boarding the aircraft and arrive at the destination.

So, I hope with this it will help you to travel at ease in the future. I, myself, has planned a few trips this year looking forward to travel to new places :-)

I hope it is still not too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!

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