Flight AK804 KUL-KBV 08/03/10

I was a passenger on board the above flight on 08 March 2010 (Seat 23A) and when I took my seat was absolutely disgusted to find an air sickness bag wedged between my seat and plane’s fuselage filled with vomit. The passengers in seats 23B & C can confirm this as I had to pass it over them when handing the bag to the flight attendant.

Air Asia is continually trumpeting, congratulating itself for some award it won in 2009, as if it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Considering what I found next to my seat, I don’t imagine the award has anything to do with hygeine/cleanliness.

If Air Asia wasn’t so up itself I would let this matter pass but because it is so annoyingly proud of itself I’m considering relating my encounter with the disgusting bag of vomit to the media so perhaps Air Asia won’t win any more awards in the near future and I won’t have to put up with its annoying bragging.

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