AirAsia X Empty Seat Option (ESo)

AirAsia X and its technology partner, Optiontown, have launched a new service, called Empty Seat Option (ESo), which offers passengers travelling in Economy an option to get all three seats in a row for a nominal fee.

How ESo works ?

Let say, if you are travelling alone,  with ESo you can actually choose 2 additional empty seats in a row. If your application for  ESo is successful, you  will have exclusive rights to use the assigned empty seat(s) for the entire duration of the flight.

How to add on the Empty Seat Option (ESo) :

  1. Log on to and select Upgrade with Optiontown under the Flight Information section
  2. Choose on Optiontown and select Empty Seat Option (ESo)
  3. Key in the current flight booking number and select flight for ESo
  4. Pay a small sign up fee (MYR3) and a nominal Empty Seat(s) fee
  5. Empty Seat(s) availability status will be emailed (72-4hrs) to the customer before flight departure
  6. If Empty Seat(s) are not assigned due to unavailability, Empty Seat fee will be refunded automatically to the customer.

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