AirAsia Promotion 2010-2011

If you are looking for cheap fare for any destinations under the AirAsia routes, what you need to do is to plan your trip carefully. If you can see the trend now, AirAsia will always offer  a flights promotion for almost destinations and almost every months. You name it from 101010 sales, holidays sale, goholidays etc.

So if you decided to have a break for holiday, get your partner details so that whenever the advertisement is on you can immediately book. But please remember that you are not the only waiting for such offer, thousand of travelers are patiently waiting for great offer. The AirAsia website will always lag and for those with poor internet connection have to wait for years to complete the transaction.

The worst parts is the limited seats during promotion will always sold out within first few hours. And if you think by surfing midnight will make the web load faster, you will end up getting normal price tickets !.

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