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For all AirAsia’s travellers, you might have experience difficulties in your booking tickets process online. The reason is simple as to enjoy super low fares all booking must be made online!

The situation was even worse during AirAsia big sale. Very often, many will miss super low fares as advertised and end up paying a bit higher price for the same destination. As usual, due to high traffic, there are unavoidable hiccups here and there.

In this post, we share some AirAsia guide and tips to grab AirAsia low fares :

  1. While many surf from desktop during sales which cause slow and lagging in system, why not surf via mobile or AirAsia App as an alternative. Log on to via your mobile on WAP or App to book with ease. It may be slow, too; but keep trying until you get it! .Credit card is the ONLY payment method.
  2. Sign up for an AirAsia Account: Click here to sign up. This helps a lot when you encounter payment error. You can always return to ‘Manage my booking‘ to complete the payment without having to go through the hassle of rebooking! Much easier right.
  3. Make sure you use IE9 (Download) or Mozilla Firefox (Download).This what recommended by AirAsia these two browsers are reported to be the most stable throughout the booking process.
  4. Plan your trip in advance

Prepare a few travel plans. If Plan A doesn’t work, at least you’ll have back-up plans and you’ll save the hassle of planning from scratch again.

Have all guests’ details at hand. i.e: Name, Address, D.O.B, passport numbers, etc…

If your passport is expiring soon / not registered yet, NO worries. Just fill in your current details and update your latest passport details via ‘Manage my booking’ at no extra cost and at a later time convenient to you.



  • You will only have up to 10mins at the Search and Select Flights pages each, linger any longer and you will be redirected back to the ‘Waiting Room’.
  • DO NOT attempt to open Multi-TABs (under the same browser) to search for fares as it may ‘confuse’ you during the booking process. You may end up with the WRONG travel date.

‘Waiting Room’

You will be directed to the ‘Waiting Room’ when your search needs a little more time. So don’t refresh your browser when you’re in there or face a whole new ‘Waiting Room’.

‘Busy Bee’ Page

These friendly bees tend to pop-up at the later stages of your booking IF the server is a little busy. You can easily ward these bees away by pressing the Back then Refresh buttons.

Type of error During the booking

1. Error Message [Invalid Name] This happened because you have keyed in names which consist of symbols like
@, ‘, &, – and etc.
Please use only letters (A – Z) when you fill up your First and Last name.

2. Error Message [Invalid Pax Type] Please make sure the Date of Birth of the passenger is keyed in correctly. Our new system will validate the information to for confirmation. Adult seat is applicable to Adults (>2 years old) and <2 years old for Infant seat.

During the payment

Here comes the most important part. Please remember the below scenarios to make sure you understand what is your payment status to make sure you grab your low fare successfully!

You can also Supersize Your Baggage, Pick A Seat and pre-book Hot meals via ‘Manage my booking’ anytime up to the last 48 hours before your flight with the same discounts.

Due to the overwhelming response to our current promotion, it will take us a little longer to send you your itinerary via email. We thank you for your patience.

Another  useful guide and tips on AirAsia you can read here.

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