Win a trip to Beijing for 4

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Niubeijing airasia Win a trip to Beijing for 4Niu Beijing is amazing! It’s loaded with awesome clubs, hip music, unbelievable art, yummy places to eat and lots of great shopping.

Come join the fun now at It is an online adventure where all you have to do to is guide a lost duo (Andy and Jane) by following clues and answering quiz questions to win.

It’s really that easy. Head on over to and play now. Check out the awesome prizes below

Grand Prize : 4 Return Flights to Beijing (via Tianjin) +
5D4N Accommodation + Day Tour in Beijing
First Prize : 2 Return Flights to Beijing (via Tianjin) +
Day Tour in Beijing
2 x Consolation Prize : A pair of Beijing Tour Vouchers (worth RM400)

Logon to now!

Source : RedAlerts

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